Friday, July 07, 2006

Small town feeding tour

Humboldt to Quill Lake

Day 27 (43 miles)

Leaving Humboldt we pull into the small town of St. Peter for morning coffee. We arrive at the same time as the local gossip crew who are very intrigued by us. After a grilling we head back out again. The weather turns on us and after frequent stopping to combat exhaustion and eat at small town cafes we end up well short of our planned destination at Quill Lake.

The campground is a hedged bit of flat ground with running water. However, the health certificate has long since expired. We retreat to the local hotel/bar which hasn't seen visitors in a long time. We get a cheap but warm and dry night and in exchange for pulling it out of the garage we're allowed to cook on the patio furniture in the back yard.

In the bar we talk to a farmer and receive a discourse in remote Canada agricultural economic history. Not as dull as you might actually think.


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