Friday, July 07, 2006

Quill Lake to Canora

Day 28 (92 miles)

Back on track for distance despite deteriorating road conditions and headwinds. We stop first in Wadena, home town of olympic star Pamela Wallin, and become local celebrities when a journalist is summoned to interview us. I never imagined we would be news. We are also invited to the Ride for the Heart charity event on a 30 man bike. We turn up to take a look but head outshortly afterwards.

A small town gem is found in Kuroki. First there is the very large Ukranian Orthodox Church, then the mexican style fronted convenience store and finally the cafe and gallery where a gourmet lunch costs less than ten dollars each and would be worth five times that in any decent sized city. Not bad for a town named after a Japanese general from the Sino-Prussian wars.

Buchanan, the planned stop, is another grassy spot campground. We push for Canora and stop in the Hotel there. Worth the effort and money.


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