Friday, July 07, 2006

A little more red please

Viking to Vermillion

Day 20 (63 miles)

A civilisation free day took us on more back roads through fields that switch between grain and oil wells, many of which seem empty now. The prairie headwind has begun and the low rolling hills offer little relief.

We unpack the lunch provided by Food With Flair in Viking we find that our $10 has gone a very long way. At one point I stop to fill a water bottle and as I come to catch up with Trep I see she is being attacked by a dog. Too far away to do anything before she gets clear unscathed I stop and unpack my cable lock. As the rottweiller tries the same trick on me I give it a sharp rap on the nose and it turns tail and runs for home.

I'm not happy to have to do such a thing but it seems necessary under the circumstances.

Camp Stove Thai Green Curry for dinner, highly recommended.