Thursday, June 22, 2006

Start climbing (again)

Sicamous to Canyon Hot Springs

Day 12 (72 miles)

Wake up and barely before we have even contemplated breakfast it begins to rain. We pack up and head for the cover of the restaurant at the entrance to the camp where we endure the boorish taunting of one of the locals who says he'll follow in his truck whilst we get rained on. My tongue is bitten before ascerbic words can pass my lips.

There is nothing much in the way of back roads today but shortly out of town we find a string of small communities which are linked by a frontage road which runs parallel to he highway and keeps us from the spray of passing trucks.

Passing through the hills and climbing steadily we find ourselves at the architechtural monstrosity that is the Three Valley Gap Resort which serves the monied traveller with ghost town tours, helicopter rides and a wide range of glittery , chintzy trinkets to foist upon unfortunate relatives. All is not bad though, the coffee is well brewed and the pie is homemade.

In Revelstoke we are kindly informed by the tourist information that we have a killer hill to get out of town and then it's all easy climbing to Canyon Hot Springs. Some people have never ridden a fully laden bike anywhere.

The hot springs are enjoyed in the form of a warm swimming pool and a barely bareable hot tub beneath mountain peaks catching the sunset. Spectacular and relaxing, I vow to do this more often.


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