Thursday, June 22, 2006

Parkways and Plains

Lake Louise to David Thompson Resort

Day 15 (86 miles)

Leaving Lake Louise we join the Icefields Parkway where the inspectors tell us that cyclists go free today. Long slow climbing ensues and as the absence of much traffic in the very wilderness environment does nothing to calm my fear of bears. Even though they don't materialise, the shadows by the side of the road taunt my paranoia all the way to Peyto Lake.

Peyto Lake is place so beautiful as to be spiritual. Jaws drop on the observation deck by the coach load and pictures get snapped by the second.

Glaciers are admired all the way to Kootenay Plain where a good tailwind whips us along to the David Thompson Resort where we have to endure their first annual Cowboy Festival, including cowboy poetry. Bad timing happens to all of us I guess.


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