Thursday, June 01, 2006

More of the Up

Port Alberni to Capilano (North Vancouver)

Day 4 (76 miles)

The day started out with the discovery that there were in fact two campgrounds in town. No great loss as the farewell from the residents of the hostel was quite heart warming.

Following this there was a knee breaking 5 mile climb out of town which took over an hour and many false summits. When I am ruler of the world supreme these will be swiftly done away with. The reward was a scenic but far steeper descent into the Cameron Lake forest with it's massive cedars and arching canopys.

Good weather followed us without too much headwind all the way to the coast and down along beautiful quiet roads almost all the way to Nanaimo. As we waited for the ferry back to the mainland the skies grew grey and dull. By the time we docked in Horseshoe Bay, we were in the mist of a downpour that lasted all the way along Marine Drive to the foot of Lions Gate Bridge and our campground.

At least the welcome from the owner was warm.


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