Thursday, June 01, 2006

Making descent time

Manning Park to Keremeos

Day 8 (90 miles)

Sunnyish and calm is the way we make our descent out of the park. Just a little olimb takes us through Sunday Pass where Trepid Explorer lies to me that there are no more climbs before Princeton. There are in fact three.

After the third we finally spend much time making speedy descents amd wearing the brakes on the corners. After Princeton we take the old highway to Hedley, a far more scenic and wild route which meets with our approval. Pulling in early we decide to push for Keremeos. Big mistake, our ambition is punished with a downpour.

Pity is given by the campsite manager who upgrades us from wet tent to heated cabin on the promise of a postcard from Newfoundland and $10 extra dollars. Faith in humanity pulls slightly ahead of cynicism to end the day.


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