Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kicking Horses and switchback trains.

Golden to Lake Louise

Day 13 (62 miles)

Heaven is found again in the form of a combined bike shop/coffee shop. They repair the bike, we repair to the couch for breakfast. If you are even in this part of the world, look for Jita's, it really is worth it.

Torment is found again trying to get out of town. The hill is tough and we receive contemptous looks from the mountain goats who are distincly unimpressed with our progress. From here we hug the side of the mountains to road improvement works where we are allowed swift passage right to the front of the queue. Once the backlog clears we have a quiet road into Yoho Park where I finally get to observe a wild bear. We're on the side of the road, it is way down in the valley, a very comfortable distance indeed.

Field, the last town before Alberta is an oddity. Remote, picturesque with diverse architectural styles it sits peacefully away from the highway and you get the impression it doesn't like to be disturbed too much.

Climbing Kicking Horse Pass we stop to rest at the exhibition on switchback railway lines and spiral tunnels through the mountain that eased the passage of steam locomotives. The lake and plateau at the top take us gently into Alberta, finally a new province, and then the resort of Lake Louise.