Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hope to Hell

Hope to Manning Park

Day 7 (46 miles)

The hardest bit of riding that I have ever encountered. Keen hurting and soul destroying through the rain to Hope Slide, the scene of a tragic landslide and two plane crashes.

Exhausted we finally encountered some down into Sunshine Valley, a rather reclusive buy in community that offered no refuge from the road. We pressed on and found a picnic area for our packed lunch (Subway again) before more climbing to the peak. Part way up the second climb I succumbed to the patches of sun and low blood sugar and crammed chocolate and pistachio nuts.

After the top rolling hills took us down to Manning Park Lodge where we were greated with the news that the only campground with showers was still closed for the season. Defeated we treated ourselves to a night in the lodge. Being the only the people in the pool, hot tub and sauna was a much appreciated method of recovery.