Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bridge the the Fort

North Vancouver to Fort Langley

Day 5 (40 miles)

A slow start to the day for a round of laundry and into yet more rain which abated briefly as we pulled out of Stanley Park and into central Vancouver for coffee. A brief discussion with some other Brits about the inadequacy of fish and chips and curry in North America ensued. At least we didn't complain about the weather.

Rain rolled on and off throughout the rest of the day as we rolled through notorious Hasting Street, Burnaby and onto the highway. When lunchtime came we contemplated Subway but decided to look for something better, afterall, there would be another one not too far away and indeed there was. Sheltered and fed we pressed through taking minor diversions from Highway 7 where possible. Trepid Explorer continuously promises me that there would be views of the mountains were it not for the clouds.

Finally we pulled off for the free ferry to Fort Langley and another dampish night.