Sunday, May 28, 2006

What goes up thankfully goes down.

Ucluelet to Port Alberni

Day 3 (81 miles)

A taste of the rockies today, but not before first finding a place to dip our wheels in the Pacific for good luck. Not as easy as one might imagine. routes down to the beach in this town are not quite as evident due to the rocky nature of the coastline. 30 minutes of tooling in light mist about finally found a way down and the evidence can be seen on Trepid Explorer's blog site.

One false lost wallet panic later (mine) and we began the ascent into the hills. Things turned out to not be as bad as expected. The roads here are still somewhat deigned to cope with heavy truck traffic which can't cope with killer grades and on top of that the logging seemed to be shut down for the long weekend. In total we managed to see only 5 artics pass us and four of those happened while we were stopped to do other stuff like catch breath, take pictures and eat.

We were a victim of my own silly ambition and passed up the chance of camping at Sproat Lake. Bad information lead us to beleive that there were no campsites close to Port Alberni so we stayed at a hostel that was a bit more of a halfway house than a haven for backpackers. None the less the residents were pleasant, the sleep was good and comfy and the free breakfast was good if a little odd.

Dinner was found at La Dolce Vita and so far the best restaurant that we have stopped at so far. Mussels, very good.

The catch up will continue soon.


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