Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Easter Weekend pt3 and other stuff.

A bit of a hiatus. I won't be letting osting delays like this occur when I'm on the road.

On Easter Sunday I decided to take the short route home for ease. I was looking forward to a gentle ride back and a bit of peace in an empty house. True to form with me this plan did not pan out as intended. I ended up rediscovering my touring legs and turned over quite a pace on the way back. I also discovered a gazebo in need of assembly in the back yard so I go on with that as well. Since moving in with my very gracious hosts I seem to have become the appointed odd job man. It's not the least I could do but certainly the least I will do.

The following weekend I had signed myself up for a 200k ride with Randonneurs Ontario. The forecast had promised showers in the morning and clear in the afternoon. The reality was rain all day, a long slow ride and honking great cold that kept me off the bike for three days trying to avoid bronchitis. There really was little rewarding about the ride except a few wonderful views of the Niagara escarpment (dutifully climbed and decended a couple of times) occasionally shrouded in mist.

This weekend just gone, instead of heading out for a century because of feeling a bit weak from the cold, I headed out with the world famous Crazy Biker Chick, cyclist and knitter extraordinaire. I can recommend her company to anyone fortunate enough to be presented with the opportunity. We took a roll down the Martin Goodman trail, where the usual crowds were boosted by a Walk for Life, and up the Humber Trail, where idyllic ravines and meadowlands provide a peaceful relief from the sounds and smells of the city. We managed to get as far as the Humber Arboretum but not enough time to investigate it properly. Another place to make it onto my much neglected "visit one day" list.

Finally in cycling news, I decided on a diversion on the way home last night. Working my way down the Don Valley I started riding with this guy who turns out the have won at the Seoul 88 Paralympics. 18 years on and he still rides like a pro.


Anonymous Trepid Explorer said...

I found myself riding around the Paris countryside once with a man who had completed the 1985 Tour De France. I have to admit to getting dropped after a half hour and not having much legs left to get home on afterwards. He was about 30 years my senior.

I find it fascinating the people you can meet whilst riding a bike and intensely satisfying that it's not at all frowned upon to partake in an exchange of conversation, in a way two strangers walking down the pavement wouldn't even consider.

Friends at work comment, "What, you mean you just started talking to the guy and cycled with him for 2 hours?"

And yet it's such a simple and obvious thing to a cyclist.

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