Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Granny Rodgers

At the start of this weekend I was deeply saddened by the news of the passing of my grandmother.

At the age of ninety and in frail condition the news was not much of a surprise, but this does little to cushion the blow of the loss of a loved relative and my last surviving grandparent. My feelings of grief are compounded by being unable to attend her funeral. Such is the price I pay for choosing to be this far away from my family.

I have a lot of good memories of my grandmother, a compassionate and caring person who I remember as being devoted to her family and tirelessly loving wife, mother, grandparent and even great grandparent.

From an early age I remember her being a part of our lives, playing with us and letting us run wild at the house near Brayford whilst she made her famous treacle pudding. I even have recollections of driving there from Bristol, past the igloo at the top of the hill and leaping out of the car to run down the lane into open arms. Visits there during the summer now seem archetypal, as if fresh from an Enid BLyton book, of which no shortage were read at that house.

Throughout the years, as I grew up and even to the present I always felt as if she had time for me along with everyone else around her. This was right up to my last visit to see her, late last year, where we talked about my varying positions in the Civil Service. She refered to David Blunkett in rather disparaging terms on which I heartily agreed.

As upset as I am to have now lost Granny Rodgers, I am grateful to have had the chance to know her and proud to be related. I hope that I can honour her memory well and emulate the qualities that I admired and respected in her.

My condolences go out to my family, with whom I will take the time to celebrate this life on my return.


Anonymous trepid explorer said...

Big hugs from BC. It sounds like she gave some wonderful input into many lives. Blunkett watch out, GR is watching you.

Anonymous Mike said...

Much as we would like you here to attend the funeral I can assure you that everyone has said coming to the UK for just a couple of days like that would be daft to say the least.

Like you the things that spring to mind when remembering Granny are treacle puddings and trips from Bristol to Brayford via the igloo.

I'm sure you will take the time to remember her in your own way when we attend her funeral on May 2nd.

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