Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Weekend pt1


As if in sympathy of my loss, the rain came on Friday morning and stayed with me most of the day. In a sense it was welcome because it seemed to make the world quieter and the Waterfront Trail, repeated from The Oakville Run earlier from earlier this year, was more or less empty. As I rode through the Harbour area and along the Martin Goodman Trail I took the opportunity to think and reflect.

I was travelling fairly slowly as well, getting used to riding my bike loaded up with the full range of camping equipment. I think its one of those instances where the fear of falling is far greater than the fall itself. Luckily I never had to make the comparison.

My destination for camping was the Bronte Provincial Park, which lies just the other side of Oakville and was one of the few open camping places in Ontario and more or less the only one within reach of a days cycling from home.

At about 45 miles of riding I reached the Park at around 3pm. This worked out to be for the best because in my folly I hadn't even checked that my brand new tent had all of it's parts, let alone tried to put it up. All of the parts were present but putting it up was a more complicated by the apparent absence of any instructions. I decided to work from previous experience and went with putting the flysheet up first before hooking the inner body inside. The wrestling, I was later informed, was a comic site and an undue amount of time later when I though I could proclaim success, I started with the inner body of the tent, whereupon the instructions fell out only to advise me that the flysheet goes on second. More wrestling ensued and after much contemplation of heaving the damn thing into a dumpster and camping in a well appointed Holiday Inn Express nearby I finally pronounced a complete success.

The cooking side of camping was pleasingly more successful. Pasta in sauce was whipped up on the Trangia with an alarming degree of ease.

After dinner I was joined by two caravaners who had been entertained by my tent erecting antics earlier on. They were a little the worse for wear, something to do with a very large jug of margharittas earlier on, but enjoyable comapny nonetheless. They plied me with beer and we chatted about various touring tales and plans until I decided to turn in early. As we parted company I was drunkenly counselled to never answer anonymous letters. Sage advice.


Anonymous trepid explorer said...

Aparently you forgot the golden rule.


Read the Frickin' Manual.

It's a nengineer's motto, and why women make the best engingeers:~>

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about anonymous comments?

Blogger Across Canada said...

What about them?

Blogger Darren J said...

Are they in the same category as anonymous letters?

Oh, sorry, forgot to log in back there.

OK. OK. Really dumb comment. I couldn't help it. Not sure when I last got an anonymous letter.

Bronte looks like a nice destination for a short camping trip. Do you know if it's packed in the summer or can you just show up last minute?

Blogger Across Canada said...

I woudn't think so, what would the internet be without anonymous comments. Nothing I tell you, nothing at all.

I called up the booking hotline and the guy was pretty helpful but I was unable to book because it was too close to the time. I was told that I should be OK "at this time of year". Which tells me that it's likely to be packed in summer, at least over the weekends. If you give them a call they'll be happy to tell you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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