Monday, March 27, 2006

It curries no favour.

My decision to eat Thai on Friday will never rank among my most inspired. The green chicken curry, as tasty as it was, left me alternating between harsh gripping stomach pains and counting the tiles on the bathroom floor (82, verified and triple checked).

Suffice to say that Saterday's ride was not the epic extravaganza that I had planned for as I was unable to muster the energy for more than a sedate pootle along the waterfront. As an alternative I took a stroll around the galleries at 401 Richmond Street and sipped coffee while the weather tried to decide how much it wanted to rain. Time to ponder on the cause of my malaise and ponder the possibility of the world's first, cycle powered, camping microwave.

Sunday turned out to be the first spring like day of spring but any hopes of cycling were scuppered by a Canadian-Franco-Serbian family convening for a birthday celebration. I did manage a couple of hours, citing an excess of cabbage rolls and cup cakes that needed to be worked off. Could anyone imagine that I would not otherwise have gone out? I didn't think so.

Now that spring is begining to show it's colours I am blanket turning down any social engagements in favour of riding.


Anonymous Trepid Explorer said...

How very dedicated of you. Green curry can do that to a man. A good night out can be of benefit though.

After a particularly satisfying house-warming where I drank several rather large Vodka and RedBulls, I rode a cyclo-cross the next day. I spent most of the event clinging to the back wheel of my friend Alyson who had just come back from riding for England in the Sydney Olympics.

In the changing rooms she admitted I somewhat scared the crap out of her showing up so fit. When I pondered at my success following the night's activities we concluded it was fortunate for me we were only at a local event, not a nationals, where drug tests could've been invoked. I believe my caffiene levels might have been somewhat over the legal racing limits.

Yikes. Who'd have thought it could be so easy to do.

Blogger Across Canada said...

I regularly ride in excess of the legal caffiene limits. Lucky for me that I don't race.

Anonymous Trepid Explorer said...

Thankfully coffee is not illegal on the road, otherwise your average Canadian would be in big doo doo.

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