Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cooking & Flying

Another new piece of equiptment to add to my growing kit. I now have a Trangia camping stove.

My mother will no doubt recoil at the memory of these things. When I was at school my brother and I used to take them with us in when training for the Ten Tors hiking expedition. The would consistently be in a terrible state with the dinner from the evening before welded on and occasionally left to corrode for weeks on end under the bed. Alas, neither of us could claim a teenage prediliction for cleanliness.

Fortunately, like much modern camping equipment, these stoves have changed to become lighter and generally better. The most noticeable improvement is that they are now non-stick, which will make cooking and cleaning a much easier affair than before. The trademake silvered body with bronze looking fuel burner remains, along with the webbing strap and little metal handle.

Whilst on the road I'm planning on keeping some of my costs down by doing some of my own cooking. Mostly this will be breakfast (I envisage a porrige diet here) and probably some easy to cook pasta dishes. The stove has two pots and a frying pan which means I can have some flexibility so maybe I'll start trying out a few recipies when spring starts.

In other news, the likely date for starting this trip is May 18th thanks to a seat sale by WestJet.