Monday, March 06, 2006

A Busy Weekend

First up my application to Randonneurs Ontario has been accepted. Randoneering seems to be the North American prefered term for Audax Riding. This is the crazy business of riding very long distances in one go, often with a view to participating in the rather superhuman Paris-Brest-Paris ride (PBP). PBP is a ride that is organised every four years with thousands of cyclists taking on the challenge of the 1200km route. I'm not sure if I'll be trying that one anytime soon but the long distance rides ahead that are planned by Randonneurs Ontario beginning on March 19th will make for good training for the trip.

On Saturday there was the Toronto International Bike Show, which was a reasonable event. It wasn't quite the spectacle that is it's London counterpart but there was certainly a wide range of things to take a look at. I have to admit that I did spend a fair amount of time looking atound and deliberating over the various touring bikes on display, some of which I could have purchased there and then. Whilst that was a tempting option I have ultimately decided to go for my original pick (linked to in an earlier post) because it's really good and I like the shop that I'll be buying it from, so much so that I have already ordered it.

On Saturday I also checked out the possibility of riding my bike out to the airport for the beginning of my trip. I was very please to discover that there is a cycle path that runs parallel with Eglinton Avenue almost all the way to the airport and the network of roads leading up to the perimiter are accessible. Unfortunately this is where things go awry. The roads in the airport run on a very complex one way system that is difficult to fathom at best and when the traffic is added it becomes a fairly hostile place for cyclists, particularly those destined for terminal three. This leaves me with two reasonable options. One is to ride to the perimiter and pack my bike on the pavement before taking the free shuttle bus to the terminal, the other is to take transit all the way and wait until Vancouver before the riding begins. I have a suspicion that it will be the latter, if only because the beginning of most vacations for me are marked by the presence of rain.

On Sunday I actually got into the airport, by use of public transport, and purchased my ticket. I am now booked on a flight for Vancouver on May 18th at 11.15am. I also purchased my sleeping bag from Mountain Equipment Co-op, a clever design that is think on one side and thin on the other so it can be used at more varying temperatures.

I pick up my bicycle tomorrow, hopefully, and after that all I'll need will be some good pannier bags and I'll be on my way.

Any suggestions for what I should do in the intervening two months?


Anonymous Trepid Explorer said...

One word...


Something I need under my belt.

I will, I will... once I get rid of flu.

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