Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Status 1


Just a general note on my status to date.

In terms of route planning, I have purchased a series of provincial maps and plotted a course. More details of these will be posted here when I'm not wasting time at work and have my maps in front of me.

I have sought information from both Newfoundland and Quebec provincial tourist offices. Newfoundland advised me that the best source of local information would be through the provincial cycling club.

Quebec is a little more organised and after giving me a call the head of cycling has sent me some useful links. He was also full of useful information, such as, those forest routes through the middle of the province, not such a good idea. Apparently they're aren't so much nice back roads to take you peacefully away from civilisation as they are dirt tracks with smatterings of gravel, mainly for use by behemothic logging trucks. On the other hand, the provincial La Route Verte will carry me from New Brunswick and into the north of the province towards one of my destinations, Timmins. I am also assured that in many places the surface of the route is better than that of the road that it will run close to.

Over the past two weekends I have picked up my tent, from Mountain Equiptment Co-op, and my Thermarest sleeping mat, from Europe Bound.

Note to self: start adding links.


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