Friday, February 17, 2006

Opening Salvo

During the summer of last year I decided definitively that I would like to cycle across Canada and planning is under way to do so this summer.

For those of you not quite up to speed, Canada is my country of birth and half of my nationality. As such, I'm sure that you can see why this would be an obvious choice for my first big cycle tour of what I currently hope will be many. However, I hope you'll understand if I reach journey's end and promptly hoist my ride into the Pacific Ocean cursing the very day I set eyes on it.

Since anouncing this grand plan I have been accused of folly and madness. It seems that the idea of spending a couple of months riding 6-7000 miles across the second largest country in the world is not everyones cup of tea and I suppose, if pressed, I can see why. Even cyclists have questioned my judgement, often muttering something about the wind going the other way and riding up hill.

Nevertheless, my mind is made up and I will be journaling my plans and my progress here.

You are hereby invited and encouraged to comment and ask questions here.


Anonymous Andrew Ross said...

Hey there!

I'm excited to read about your up coming trip this summer! I did the same trip last summer (2005) and already want to repeat it.

I had my journal over at

and after the trip i created a resource page for all the journals and resources i could find.

BEst of luck! contact me at if you want to share details or train together

Andrew Ross

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